Beating the Sunday heat around Eugene

Beating the Sunday heat around Eugene »Play Video

EUGENE, Ore. - When the temperatures rise people flood the rivers around the area in numbers that rival the proverbial fish in the sea. A scene much more common than the boost in business at Colin Paddocks yard sale. 

The West Eugene resident does have a theory about the sales increase.

"When they are comfortable they will just look and be picky," says Paddock, "but if its hot they'll just be like okay, let's get this over with."

However, Paddock says his strategically placed in the shade sale did not see the same kind of volume on the slightly cooler Sunday.

Not far away the Bethel Community Park saw the same scene.  Sizzling slides seeming to be less than appealing to the kiddos who also left swings swaying in the breeze.

The triple digits on Saturday didn't scare everyone away.  Misty Glaze still brought her little ones to the park, hoping to wear them out.  A reason any parent can relate to.

In Alton Baker Park people hit the trails while others enjoyed picnic lunches.  It is also where Jeremy Bolz decided to beat the heat in his own way.  Playing the sweet sound of song on a single drum.

"I really just kind of had that itch that I just needed to express myself," says Bolz, "I just kind of needed to get out there and play."

With the outdoors reaching degrees not far from the ideal temperature to slow cook a roast, its a wonder anyone would want to be outside.  But as the clouds roll in, Oregonians know summer doesn't last forever.


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