Bikes and Burritos a 'match made in heaven'

Bikes and Burritos a 'match made in heaven' »Play Video

EUGENE, Ore.-- For the past five years, twice a week, a group has gathered across the street from the University of Oregon at the Alpha Omega house for "Bikes and Burritos."
They have a simple idea with a sincere goal: grab their bikes and a bunch of burritos and go bless the hungry.

"Half of the people we see out there are regulars, we see them week after week," said Keith Morreira. "So it's kind of cool to build a relationship."
Brian Fawcett leads up "Bikes and Burritos" once a week. As a member of the University of Oregon cycling team, he said it combines his love for cycling with his passion for ministry. "Match made in heaven, or whatever you call it," Fawcett said.
Using beans, rice, salsa and spice, they turn every day ingredients into a meal made with love.
"One guy scoops onto the tortillas, and a few other will wrap," Morreira said.
They admit they're not the best cooks. "We don't really measure," said Fawcett. "We just guesstimate."
They not only prepare burritos, but gather scarves, socks and bottled water to give to the homeless in Eugene.
After a short prayer, the group hits the streets to seek out the hungry. 

They hope that when they ride out into the darkness, they can bring light to those who need it most.
"I've seen a few times when people have teared up," Morreira said, "and that's just been like the biggest whoa. I feel like they're blessing me more than I'm blessing them."
Fawcett said what makes it all worthwhile is when he's reminded how a small act of kindness can make a big impact.

"When they say, 'This is the only food I got today,' and that kind of stuff, it just touches my heart and makes me wanna keep doing it," he said. "It keeps me going."