Last city officials move out of Eugene City Hall

Last city officials move out of Eugene City Hall

EUGENE, Ore. - Eugene's city government no longer inhabits City Hall.

The City Manager, Mayor and City Council packed up Thursday, the last departments to move out of City Hall.

"This is our last day open," Jan Bohman, the city's community relations director, said Thursday. "We're packing up our crates, and then we'll be done with this building at the end of the day."

The City Council approved the moves. City Hall has a high collapse potential in the event of an earthquake, according to the state's geology department.

City departments are now located in office spaces across downtown.

The police department moved across the river at a new Country Club Road location.

The mayor, council and managers moved across the street to the Lane County Public Service building.

"We'll be open back up on Monday," Bohman said. "The phone and computers will be getting turned on at different times of the day as the day goes on, so by 1 o'clock in the afternoon we should be back in operation."

The new location is temporary. City offices expect to move again in the next couple years.