Cars crash on slick South Eugene roads

Cars crash on slick South Eugene roads

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EUGENE, Ore. - Snow hit the valley floor Tuesday morning, with enough sticking in hilly neighborhoods to make the morning commute slick.

Crews worked to plow and sand area roads. Trouble spots included Eugene's South Hills above 40th Avenue and Spring Boulevard off of 30th along the ridge between Eugene and Interstate 5.

The larger school districts in Eugene and Springfield stuck to their normal schedule with busses on snow routes, but schools in outlying areas with more snow and higher hills delayed or even cancelled school.

Despite the headaches of wintery weather, lots of people were happy to see the snow.

"It's awesome," Leah Wren told KVAL News. "I love it. I love the snow."

"I just wanted to check out how much snow there was because (Eugene) 4J schools are open and I thought it was a little unusual," said Sherri Bandy, "but this is our first year living up here so I didn't know how much snow there would be and I wanted to see how much there was."

Bandy was so concerned about the snow that she didn't send her kids to school Tuesday since she couldn't even get out of her own driveway.

Busses were busy picking up kids throughout the morning, running on snow routes.

The roads may still be slippery or icy as snow showers continue to wash through the region until at least 4 p.m., so be careful when you're driving and keep a good distance behind the car in front of you.