Chefs on Chefs' Night Out: 'Come hungry'

Chefs on Chefs' Night Out: 'Come hungry' »Play Video
Ryan Rogers helps a customer at Fisherman's Market

EUGENE, Ore. - Ryan Rogers and the staff at Fisherman's Market look forward each year to Chefs' Night Out.

"It's an adventure, walking through everywhere," Rogers said. "Pretty soon you just see people holding their bellies and saying, 'No, I can't eat anymore'."

This is the restaurant's 13th year at the event.

"Everybody there is excited and happy to be there, that's what's really neat," Rogers said, "and they better come hungry."

Diners can expect a crab bisque and smoked fish on Tuesday night.

Across the river, sous chef Alfredo VanNortwick said the Sweetwaters on the River staff plan to pump out about 1,200 avocado crab crustinis with the help of some North Eugene High School culinary students.

"Chili aioli, put it on our toast round, a little on there, then we're going to take some of our avocado salsa," he said.

Exective chef Michael Thieme said the Food for Lane County event reminds chefs that working with food is a privilege.

"We work around food all the time, and to us seeing food everyday, you kind of lose touch with people that don't have a lot to eat," Thieme said.