'You can always make a difference in someone's life'

'You can always make a difference in someone's life' »Play Video

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - The sound of school bells marks the end of summer.  A sound that can be tough on kids ears and even tougher on their parents pocket book.

Between school supplies and clothes, parents we spoke with say they spend hundreds on their kids at the beginning of each school year.  Springfield resident, and mother of 3, Kayla Powell is no different.  So she decided to hold a clothing swap.  Giving local families a chance to save a little money.

"Something like this would help me and my family because I'm on maternity leave so we are just going off of my husbands income," says Powell, "And the fact that my baby is really sick right now, and hasn't been sleeping, so I'm up till 2 in the morning and that's when I get my random ideas."

With a few phone calls and a lot of leg work, Powells random idea brought together around 35 families, and even a few businesses around town.  Wal-Mart donated a $50 gift card that Powell used to buy hard to find socks and underwear, Value Village provided a few more clothes and they even had a few snacks supplied by Albertsons and a pizza joint.

Powell is not with any charity or even part of a non-profit organization.  She is just a mom who wanted to help other moms.

"No matter where you are at, no matter what location, there is always a need I think," explains Powell, "And you can always make a difference in someones life."