Coburg Hills fire: 'They'll be out here for a few days'

Coburg Hills fire: 'They'll be out here for a few days'

EUGENE, Ore. - A wildfire in the Coburg Hills is contained, and no homes are in danger.

But crews are watching the 18-acre Buck Mountain fire as dry conditions and wind threaten to fan the flames.

Firefighters jumped on the blaze around 8 p.m. on Thursday.

At first, finding the fire proved problematic.

"It was difficult last night trying to find exactly where the fire was located," said Karen Sweringen with the Oregon Department of Forestry. "We were getting different reports from various people."

Fire crews set a perimeter with bulldozers and took advantage of a nearby road to keep the fire from growing. No homes are close enough to be threatened.

The fire presented a number of challenges, from smoldering brush to dust devils to smoke so thick you could barely see.

"There's a lot of stumps, a lot of large fuels out there, so it takes some time to dig that out and work it and make sure that it's out," Sweringen said. "They'll be out here for a few days, I imagine."