Concrete wall along Amazon Creek collapses

EUGENE, Ore. - The paved bicycle-pedestrian path between 19th and 24th avenues will be closed to the public during daytime hours Monday and Tuesday to repair the damage caused when a 28-foot-long section of concrete wall along Amazon Creek just north of 24th Avenue collapsed into the creek, the City of Eugene said.

Civil engineers from the Eugene Public Works Department have hired Kipco of Eugene to repair the damage, which occurred Saturday.

It appears that the 50-year-old concrete structure has been failing for several years and finally gave way after last week's heavy rains.

Based on a preliminary investigation, there are no immediate public safety issues with the collapsed structure, the City of Eugene said.

The Amazon shared-use path and the adjacent ball fields are more than 30 feet away from the edge of the channel.

Public Works Engineering is also conducting a study of the structural stability of the concrete-lined section of Amazon Creek from 24th Avenue to the Fairgrounds west of Jefferson Street.