Corvallis (nearly) tops for retirees

Corvallis (nearly) tops for retirees

CORVALLIS, Ore. - When it comes to retirees, Corvallis is (nearly) tops.

The financial publication Kiplinger cites the "wealth of cultural and educational activities at Oregon State University," proximity to the coast, and access to medical care as justification for the city's number two ranking on it's list for Best Cities for Retirees.

"The restaurants, the things to do, the fact that we may not participate in the things that are offered is our fault; they're offered here," said Corvallis resident for the past two years and retiree Carol Morris. Morris and Joe Gold moved to Corvallis from Florence, and from New York before that.

"I think the size is perfect for us. It's big enough so you have some good restaurants, stuff going on," said Gold. "But it's not so big so driving is a challenge or it has big-city problems. It's perfect."

Kiplinger also notes the mild climate in Corvallis as positives for retirees, as well as bike trails and mountain access. However, a tight housing market and plenty of rain worked against the city.

Corvallis resident Gary Herron has spent 23 years as a retiree in the city when multiple sclerosis ended his art career at only 38 years old.

"That changed everything quite dramatically," said Herron.

He said there's no place like his Corvallis home.

"Because of the college and everything, there's so much access to everything," Herron said. "Information, education, and you know you can learn anything."