County rounds up household hazards

County rounds up household hazards

VIDA, Ore. -- Some brave public works employees got their hands dirty disposing of hazardous waste materials for residents in Vida on Saturday at a Hazardous Waste Round-up.

The event gave people that have no idea what to do with old paint, pesticides and even gasoline a place to properly discard chemicals.

Organizers said that over 100 people in the area came out to dispose of their hazardous waste at the McKenzie Fire and Rescue Center. 

Waste management capped the collection at 35 gallons of paint, cleaners, chemicals or solvents per person. 

Springfield resident Paul Roche said he used the event to clear some paint, solvents and insecticides from his garage.

“Some of the insecticides have gotten old. Actually we have stopped using most of those types of things. So it's good just to get them out of he house." Roche said.

Paint appeared to be the largest chemical brought in. One worker estimated that around 70% of the donations were made up of old paint cans.

Most of the paint collected will be recycled locally while the other hazardous material will be shipped off to a facility in Utah to be incinerated.

Waste analyst Larry Gibbs said that incineration is the best disposal method available.

“We have always chosen to incinerate. Legally we could put this material in the hazardous waste landfill. We choose not too.” Gibbs said.   

If you missed the hazardous waste roundup on Saturday you can always make an appointment with the Glenwood Facility.