Crews ready for anything as wintery weather takes hold

Crews ready for anything as wintery weather takes hold

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EUGENE, Ore. - A cell phone camera rolled as a giant mudslide plummeted down a hill, derailing a freight train near Everett, Wash., on Monday.

Landslides and debris flows can happen here in Oregon, too - and with rain, snow, high winds and a chance of flooding in the forecast, public works crews are ready.

"Any given day, we can be out doing our regular routine maintenance and have our wind come in, and we shut everything down and we go into emergency mode and take care of what needs to be addressed," said Darrell Randall with Lane County Public Works.

Randall is the road maintenance supervisor. He said after Tuesday's snow that it's important to take care of county roads so slushy snow doesn't freeze and create a new hazard.

"We want to make sure we get the snow back off the shoulders of the roads so it doesn't re-melt and run across the road and re-freezes tonight when it gets darker at night," he said.

The weather has taken residents on a roller coaster since the weekend, with high winds, snow and rain pelting the region.
"Yesterday I was so mad school didn't get cancelled," said student Evan Myers, "but I was also really excited because we didn't really expect any snow!"

With the possibility of more snow on the horizon, Randall said crews will be ready in a heartbeat.

"We're in one of those modes right now where we've got things ready to go, but we don't have a direction to go yet - and that's kind of what we do," he said.