Dairy goes digital in search of expansion funds

Dairy goes digital in search of expansion funds »Play Video
One of the goats kids around with Shari Reyna

LOWELL, Ore. - Life is good for goats at the Ferns Edge Dairy.

They have lots of friends, and owners who love them dearly.

But customers love the milk and cheese produced by the goats - so much so that the demand has gotten too high for dairy owners Shari Reyna and Fred Warner to keep up.

The dairy currently distributes between 200 and 250 gallons of milk a week, and 600 and 900 pounds of cheese a month. Even then, they are barely meeting the demands of regular orders, let alone new orders.

All the money they make is spent on maintaining the goats, and they've even had to dip into their retirement fund.

"We cannot have more milking animals unless we extend this barn and have more housing," Reyna said.

Organic feed and housing are the key expenses keeping the dairy farm from expanding.

Either they come up with the funds for a bigger supply - or they raise prices.

"I hate the idea of raising prices any more," Reyna said. "It's already expensive."

Reyna is determined to keep her prices set, and her product pure. The dairy has turned to Kickstarter in an attempt to raise capital to fund an expansion.