Dispute on streets of Springfield: 'That's where I got shot'

Dispute on streets of Springfield: 'That's where I got shot' »Play Video
Christopher Carson and April Hamilton

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - Christopher Carson is laid up in bed for the summer after a party over the weekend ended in gunfire.
"Shot right in the butt," Carson said.
Before he took a bullet, Carson said he and his friends were up late listening to music and dancing.

"Just us hanging out," he said.

He said that's when he saw a man with a gun. 

"First thing I seen was having the gun pointed to my friend's chest, and I was in shock," Carson said. "He pulled the trigger and nothing came out - I just heard a click."

Carson said he ran, then heard three shots.

The rest is a blur.

The shooting happened on 6th Street in Springfield. Witnesses said a man came out of a house carrying a gun and approached members of a party going on at another house.

That's when a confrontation started that ended in gunfire.

"It all happened in the middle of the road," said April Hamilton, 15. "That's where I got shot."
Hamilton said the bullet is still lodged in her left thigh.

"I think he was coming out to tell us to be quiet, but I have no idea why he brought a gun," she said.

Police have not released the shooter's name. He was released after questioning. Information has been sent to the district attorney for review.

KVAL News knocked on the man's door to get his side of the story.

"I do not wish to share that story with you," he said from behind a closed door.

No charges have been filed.

Hamilton's friends and family aren't happy.

"No charges have been filed! Why?" said Tawnya Thirachith, Hamilton's aunt. "Two innocent children got shot here."