Drunk driving: 'It's something police do not turn away from'

Drunk driving: 'It's something police do not turn away from' »Play Video

LANE COUNTY, Ore. -- While fans are out buying big-screen TVs and stocking up on chips and salsa, the Coburg, Eugene and Springfield police departments, along with state police, are gearing up for Sunday's big game.

The four agencies received federal and state grant money to pay for more officers to take to the streets looking for impaired drivers.

Sgt. Ron Tinseth of the Eugene Police Department, says that if you decide to drive impaired, you will pay the consequences. "All officers in Eugene are trained to detect impaired drivers," he said. "It's something police do not turn away from."

Last year Oregon State Police arrested 31 drunk drivers, two died in crashes on Super Bowl weekend.

“You can injure yourself or other people,” Tinseth says. “Tragic events happen when you drink and drive.

If you have the decision between your buddy's couch or driving under the influence, Sargeant Tinseth says you should think about those consequences.

Tinseth says it’s as easy as making a plan and having a designated driver. “Jail, fines, hefty attorney costs, suspension of your driving privileges,” he says are some of the things that could happen. “Down the road, it shuts doors that you may not be thinking of right now, like not being able to qualify for jobs.”