'Autocross is a solo sport. One car at a time and racing against the clock'

'Autocross is a solo sport. One car at a time and racing against the clock' »Play Video
David Halladey races his 1989 Honda CRX across the finish line of the course. Many cars that participate start life as ordinary street cars and eventually make their way to becoming dedicated race cars. Andy Abeyta, Oregon News Lab

CRESWELL, Ore. -- Emerald Empire Sports Car Club held its first event of the autocross season at the Bald Knob Lumber yard. A variety of drivers attended ranging from novice drivers in ordinary street cars, to nationally competitive drivers in purpose built race cars. 

EESCC President Ruben Cruz describes autocross as a family friendly event meant for all ages and skill levels. He explains that he first began racing with a stock Volkswagen and with minimal racing skills and experience, but has fallen in love with the sport both for the action and for the camaraderie within the community. 


Bonnie Mueller, EESCC Registrar, has been racing autocross since 1972 and has been affiliated with EESCC since 1975. She says she cannot get enough of the sport and thinks everyone should give it a try. 


“This is a fun way to learn car handling skills,” Mueller says. 


Mueller also makes a point that racing can be misunderstood as a dangerous sport and is often thought of in a negative light, but that autocross is one type of racing that truly is safe and beneficial.


“Racing is a tough word to use. A lot of people think of street racing and side by side racing when they hear the word. Autocross is a solo sport. One car at a time and racing against the clock. And the good thing is, it is fun!” Mueller says. 


Mueller also values the community autocross provides. The EESCC members tend to get along well and truly be friends all around. She explains that members come from all walks of life, ranging from mechanics and trade workers to CPAs, attorneys and doctors. 


Emerald Empire Sports Car Club races locally through September, with eight autocross events in total. Autocross two will be held at the same location, 33662 East Park Dr. in Creswell April 13 beginning at 7a.m. and running all afternoon.