Eugene Celebration: 'It's not just a gathering'

EUGENE, Ore. - The Eugene Celebration coincided with Eugene's 150th birthday this year, so organizers put the word out that they wanted to get 150 parade entries, 150 volunteers - and a 150 beards and mustaches.

"We put out a couple of calls and the response was almost overwhelming," said Cami White with the Celebration. "It was great. I mean we kind of ran out of space for people at a certain point."

This year's theme was "Raise the Roof." Proceeds of the event will go toward building houses with Habitat for Humanity.

"So I think that the community really wants to get behind not only that cause but the cause of Eugene Celebration," White said. "It's not just a gathering, you know."

Friendly competition

The Eugene Celebration is all about bringing the community together, but we found some  people here who want to compete against each other by racing beds.

Last year's winners were a group of accountants from Jones and Roth.

"We are the defending champs," said Kyle Dixon. "We won it last year, some how, some way."

Dixon said his team works hard, but plays even harder.

"You know, we're not always in the office crunching with the numbers," he said.

Greg Gibson from Moss Adams CPA firm said he's been hitting the gym pretty hard lately to get ready to race.

"A lot of strategizing in the office, a few late nights and late meetings," he said.

The teams of 5 - a designated  and 4 pushers - raced down the track, changed pajamas and looped back to the finish line.