Eugene Celebration a boost for downtown businesses

EUGENE, Ore. - Steve La Riccia showcases his work at the New Zone Gallery downtown.

"Very few people do steampunk in this town, so I'm kind of the king of steampunk here now," he said.

La Riccia's creations are one of a kind.

"We have a 1893 Hammond typewriter, this is the keyboard for Babbage's Machination," he said.
It's a steampunk imagination of a modern computer. La Riccia used a singer sewing machine as a desk,  a candestick telephone for speakers, and a Delco battery as a power source.

"The base is a graphotype military dog tag stamping machine," he said.

Just outside the gallery is the Eugene Celebration, an event that fills the streets that lead to these store fronts.

The event brought lots of new customers into Cassandra Snowden's wig and cosmetics shop.

"I think people have the advantage they can see different music, taste all the different food, and also just to see what other types of businesses are out there," she said.

Thunderbird Market saw the impact of the extra foot traffic.

"We must have sold, I don't know, five cases of water just last night alone," Michael Russell said.