Girl turns 12 on 12-12-12

Girl turns 12 on 12-12-12

EUGENE, Ore. - Sydney Wright knew this day would be special.

"Since I was like 6 I've realized that my birthday was gonna be on 12-12-12," the birthday girl said. "It's a lucky number just because there's so many of them so it's always been my lucky number. I try to pick the number 12 for a lot of things anything I can."

Turning 12 on the 12th day of the 12th month of 2012 was an accident, Sydney's mother said.

"This was not planned at all. Actually we were hoping to have her on December 13, which is my sisters birthday, but she came a day early so I was a little upset about that," Debbie Wright said, "but it turned out to be kind of fun and exciting anyway."

"We didn't realize the signifance of the day when we had her," she added. "It hit us a few years ago when we started to think about planning for birthdays and we realized that she was going to be 12 on 12-12-12.

The 12-year old said she went to Disneyland and a Justin Bieber concert earlier this year as part of her gift. But the thing she wants more than anything?

"All I wanted was a phone," she said. "I think I got it because my mom kind of told me."

She said her family and friends were coming over for cake and games to celebrate her birthday.

Her mother said, she's happy that Sydney gets the chance to feel extra special on her special day.

"She's a wonderful girl full of life and energy and fun, and we're just so happy she can have this special day."

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