Eugene moviegoers agree with lawsuit over costly snacks

Eugene moviegoers agree with lawsuit over costly snacks »Play Video

EUGENE, Ore. - A Michigan man is suing a movie theater over the high prices at the concession stand.

Joshua Thompson of Livonia, Mich., decided to sue an AMC movie theater after paying $8 for coke and candy at the movies.

Moviegoers in the Willamette Valley agreed with Thompson's stance against the costly munchies.

Steven Caster and Brittany Dale of Eugene pay almost $20 apiece when purchasing movie tickets and snacks at the theater.

"The popcorn is 6 bucks and a drink is also probably almost 6 bucks," Caster said.

"They're just way over-priced," said Jason Lyons, a moviegoer from Eugene.

Gini Franklin has been going to the movies for years.

"When I was a little kid, which was 412 years ago, popcorn was 25 cents," Franklin said.

Now, Franklin refuses to pay more than two dollars for a drink.

"You can buy the whole bag of popcorn and make a roomful for 2 bucks," said Franklin. "It's crazy."

Jamie Hosler, co-owner of Bijou Art Cinemas, said marking up the price of movie treats is necessary for movie theaters to survive.

"For a blockbuster film, probably 90 percent of your ticket goes back to the distributor and to the film company," Holser said.

Holser said when moviegoers pay $16 for two tickets, the movie theater is only getting about $1.16 worth of profit.

"They're making almost nothing on the movie itself," Holser said. "What they sell at concessions probably pays their bills."

The Michigan man's suit seeks refunds for customers who have been overcharged for movie theater snacks. However, consumer experts don't think the Michigan movie goer will get far in the lawsuit.