'Begging for work' on a street corner

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Greg Grazier

EUGENE, Ore. - Greg Grazier had his own construction firm and landscaping company before a pickup crash changed his life forever.

Now homeless, Grazier is determined to work again. He has become a fixture in the River Road-Santa Clara area: the guy with a red hat and homemade sign.

"Begging for work, yeah, begging for work," he said, swiveling his jobs sign to face oncoming traffic.

Homeless but hopeful, the sign reads.

"I'm living out of the truck," he said, "and I've got a rental storage unit where I have a makeshift office."

Grazier is looking for any job working heavy equipment, bulldozers, tractors and other big machines. He is willing to do mowing, blading, tilling or trenching.

He owned a construction company before a 2003 accident left him severely injured.

"I'm willing to work," he told KVAL News. and I'd rather be stringing barbed wire than crawling under a rock and giving up."

Why should an employer hire him?

"I can operate just about any kind of heavy equipment you throw at me," he said.

While he gets those occasional "get a job" remarks, Grazier said overall reaction to his sign on the street corner is positive.

"I'm getting a lot of smiles today," he said.

And hopefully some solid job offers, sooner than later.