'Families can learn about all of their school options'

'Families can learn about all of their school options' »Play Video
Educators from across Eugene's 4-J School District handed out information Saturday on how their schools fit with what parents are looking for in their child's education.

EUGENE, Ore. -- The Eugene 4-J District schools were on display Saturday at a showcase that gave schools a chance to meet one-on-one with parents.

Kerry Delf, spokeswoman for Eugene 4-J Schools, said the event lets people explore other options if they don’t want to be limited to enrolling their children in the school closest to their house.

“If you find a different school down the block or one that offers a different program, that is a better fit for you, we invite you to attend another school,” Kerry Delf said. “Families can come and learn about all of their school options. In one building, they can talk to representatives from every one of our 4-J schools.”

Representatives like principal Thomas Piowacy of Yujin Gakuen, the first elementary in the nation with a Japanese immersion program.

“Students come for half of the day. Their instruction is all in Japanese,” Piowacy said.

Mother and schoolteacher Rose Peck said the event let her check out all the kindergarten options for her daughter, Stella. She decided on enrolling her 5-year-old in the Buena Vista Spanish immersion school in Eugene.

“I studied Spanish in high school and college. I feel like it's very valuable to be able to speak another language,” Peck said.

Each school got a chance to tell parents about what makes their curriculum unique. Howard Elementary School principal Allan Chinn was telling parents that each of their students use laptops or iPads as part of their curriculum.

"Literacy and math are critical skills, but technological literacy is just as important,” said Chinn. “Every classroom, from first to fifth grade, has one to one laptops or iPads.”

Kerry Delf said they welcome families living outside the district to apply to one of the 32 Eugene District schools.

“It's when students are making those transitions to a different level and they’re ready for a change,” said Delf.

Students applying from high school to kindergarten are chosen through a lottery system.

Families who live in the 4-J school district have until February 28 to apply to be included in the lottery. If you live outside the district you're able to apply from March 1 to April 1.