Feeding the hungry with food-themed ink

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. -- At this time of year, many organizations and businesses hold fund raisers or drives to help out worthy causes. While helping out to such a charity might impact your immediate life, very rarely would that donation literally stay with you for the rest of your life.

The artists at Memento Ink in Springfield spent Sunday inking people up with a discounted $50 tattoo, with all proceeds going to Food For Lane County. 

The catch? To get Sunday's discount you had to get a food-themed tattoo.

"Some are funny and clever, others that are loosely related to food… like cocktails. We even have a selection of entirely vegan-themed tattoos," laughed April Slater, shop owner at Memento. "We had a fun time drawing up the designs for today."

Slater said that it was a chance to give back to a good program, one that her family used when she was a child.

"We aren't always wealthy, and for a single mom with four kids, it was definitely necessary to use the services that were available … especially Food For Lane County." Slater said.

Memento Ink employees hoped to get 40 people to come in for Sunday's event, but Slater said she would be content if even ten people showed up.

"For every dollar that someone contributes, Food For Lane County can make three meals. If we had ten… that's $500, or 1500 meals." said Slater.

If people that wanted to donate and leave without ink, Memento accepts food and cash donations for Food For Lane County as well.