Fence comes down at Civic: 'Reminding people it's still here'

Fence comes down at Civic: 'Reminding people it's still here'

EUGENE, Ore. - If you've driven on Amazon Parkway recently, you may have noticed a clearer view of something you haven't seen in a while: the historic Eugene Civic Stadium.

Stripped poles and pieces of rotted wood lay where a fence once stood.

"You drive by it and people go oh look at that ugly fence, it's falling down," said Save Civic Stadium volunteer Dennis Herbert.

This past weekend,10 volunteers with Save Civic Stadium, including Herbert, spent 7 hours tearing down the wooden fence that once lined the grass.

"We approached 4J with the situation, saying hey, it's a security problem, it's an eyesore, it's falling down, it's a safety hazard so we'd be willing to take it down."

Kerry Delf with Eugene 4J School District said besides deterioration, the fence also was a security issue.

"Something that blocks visibility makes it easier for there to be trespassing and vandalism," she said. "So taking down that fence is the benefit in that way as well."

Now Herbert said with the fence gone, folks can appreciate the stadium.

"Now when they pass on Amazon, they can see the stadium, they can visualize what our concept is on refurbishing it and restoring the historical structure."

While it was a piece of Civic history, he said he's glad to see it go.

"When we took down that last board we could just feel Civic go, ahhh, I can breathe again."

The future of Civic Stadium remains unclear for now. Eugene 4J will be holding a series of public meetings and hearings this fall to determine what to do with the aging stadium.

But Save Civic supporters said taking down the fence is a step in the right direction.