'A bomb threat in school can get you expelled for 365 days'

'A bomb threat in school can get you expelled for 365 days' »Play Video
The graffiti included vulgar statements and this threat

VENETA, Ore. - A bomb threat scrawled on a middle school wall along with vulgar graffiti disrupted classes this morning.

The local bomb squad, Homeland Security and Lane County Sheriff's Office combed Fern Ridge Elementary. No explosive device was found.

The situation started around 7:30 a.m. when staff arriving at the school spotted the graffiti. Among the statements painted on exterior walls was one threatening "10:00 a.m. the school blows."

"When the middle school people arrived this morning, the administration saw this graffiti on the side," said superintendent Dennis Friedrich. "The moment they start putting 'bomb threat' on there, it takes it to a whole new level."

Students were evacuated to Elmira Grade School.

After authorities swept the building with a bomb-sniffing dog, students were allowed back on campus around 10:45 a.m.

Investigators said students were never in any real danger.

No suspect has been named at this time.

"We understand that some people were on Facebook talking back and forth," Friedrich said. "We have no idea at this point who it is."

The consequences for the person or people responsible could be severe.

"A bomb threat in school can get you expelled for 365 days," Friedrich said. "That's a whole school year."

While no explosive was found, the graffiti and threat are both crimes.

The threat angered parents.

"The amount of resources that came out here to respond to it and the disruption of the kids' school day makes this not a prank. It wasn't funny," said parent Scottie Barnes. "Kids like this get all of the attention and it reflects poorly on all the good kids who are doing really good things."

"To us, it's not just a nuisance," Friedrich said. "It's a social issue that needs to be corrected, from my perspective."