'Anybody who wants to buy a joke book, I’m here'

'Anybody who wants to buy a joke book, I’m here' »Play Video
After 5 days in the hospital, Frog is back in his natural habitat

EUGENE, Ore. - “Have you seen the funniest joke books in the world?”

Well if you haven’t, not to worry.

He’s back! The iconic Eugene jokester Frog has returned to his usual hopping ground.

Frog spent five days in the hospital suffering from a bleeding stomach ulcer.

During that time, thousands of community members reached out to send Frog their best wishes, "get well soon" messages - and their corniest jokes.

Frog said he’s happy to be back on the street selling his joke books.

He said he's feeling much better.

“I’m not going to go run the Boston Marathon this year," he quipped, "but otherwise, I’m feeling OK. I’m feeling better.”

Frog said he’s really looking forward to this weekend’s season opening of the Eugene Saturday Market and an opportunity to reunite with the community.

“Thank you all for your support. I’m glad to see you all," he said. "Anybody who wants to buy a joke book, I’m here.”