George the car-washing elephant turning 31

George the car-washing elephant turning 31

WINSTON, Ore. -- It's a big birthday party for a big boy: George the car washing elephant is turning 31.

Officials with the Wildlife Safari in Winston, Ore. are throwing him a party this Saturday.

The celebration will have all of the usual stuff, like cake and presents, but the party will be anything but ordinary.

To make sure this year's bash is one to remember, George has been busy perfecting an old skill: washing cars.

Katie Alayan, a Senior Elephant Trainer says the elephants were happy to get back to doing what they love. "The elephants absolutely love the car wash," she said. "When we started practicing with them again, they got really excited. George, we've always said, is our 'pressure washer,' and he is not disappointing this year again. He is having a blast with it."

George and Alice have also just finished up some artwork for the party.

All of the proceeds of the party will go to elephant conservation. "All the money that we raise from George's birthday party actually goes to elephant conservation efforts," said Alayan, "so we're very excited again to support helping elephants both in the wild, as well as human care situations."

Everyone is welcome to attend, the party costs $5 per person.

Buses will start to load up at the Safari Village at 11:45 a.m., and George's birthday celebration will start at 12:15 p.m.