Have flood damage? Report it

Have flood damage? Report it »Play Video

Lane County Emergency Management and county officials are continuing the access initial damage from last weeks storms. If your home has damage from flood water, high winds, landslide, or debris from storm related weather since January 17, the county is asking you report damages.
Lane County officials will use the information provided by effected residents to determine if they should make Disaster Declaration. 
Please report storm damages incurred since January 17 online at: www.lanecounty.org/damages

If FEMA provides additional assistance, more detailed information could be requested at a later time.

The following is information that will be requested when reporting damages:

Property Address
Phone number where you can be reached
Type of property
  Primary residence
  Vacation or second home
  Rental property that I rent to others
Type of Structure
  Single Family (also referred to as detached or stick-built)
  Mobile Home (also referred to as trailer or manufactured)
  Multi-Family (a duplex or apartment complex that you own)
Insurance Status
  Covered by flood insurance
  Covered by Home Owner's Insurance
  This property is not insured
Estimated Cost of Damages not covered by insurance
Description of damages and any impacts you have experienced as a result of the damages (i.e., temporarily displaced, isolated or trapped, etc.)
If you have any questions can be emailed to StormQuestions@co.lane.or.us.