'He wanted to leave me in a safe, sound home'

'He wanted to leave me in a safe, sound home'

CORVALLIS, Ore. -- Christy Fullwiler and her husband Mark moved to Corvallis in 1994 and rented a house on 23rd. The couple eventually bought the home nearly 10 years later.

“We raised our three children here … it’s a place my husband loved. His favorite place was being at home, working on the house, working on the yard with family around,” Fullwiler said.

Mark spent every free moment he could find hard at work on the family’s 3-bedroom ranch style house, until he was diagnosed with leukemia in February of 2011. 

“As time passed, he was much more limited, but he did what he could do. He wanted to leave me in a safe, sound home,” Fullwiler said. “During that time, he began to prepare to leave with that peace of mind.”

Christy said that one of her husband’s last concerns before passing away in March was not replacing the roof on the home. 

“It was a final promise I made to him – that I would make sure I would have the roof replaced before winter came,” Christy said.

To help finish Mark’s lifelong project of fixing up his dream home, Stutzman and Kropf Contractors donated their time and materials on Thursday to replace the Fullwiler’s roofing.

Stutzman and Kropf vice president Eugene Horvath said that the project was part of a yearly “free roof giveaway” contest. Of the over 100 nominees for a free roof, they felt the Fullwiler story was the most deserving.

“Look at the impact they’ve had on youth in the city of Corvallis,” Horvath said. “From helping at their church, or helping get people on their feet - they’ve had a tremendous influence.”

For Christy, she takes great comfort in knowing that her husband’s dying wish was fulfilled.

“Everyday I step outside I’m reminded of him and his care, and I feel comforted and protected,” Christy said.