Ice cold action heats up slopes

Ice cold action heats up slopes »Play Video
A ski patrol member approaches the pond before the competition starts. Photo by Amos Horn

BEND, Ore. - Up on Mount Bachelor, the weather was cold, grey and spitting snow, but that didn’t stop people from trying to ski or snowboard across a pond of ice cold water.

On Sunday, May 26, the pond skimming competition celebrated the end the season at Bachelor.

Pond skimmers dressed in everything from snow pants and jackets to shorts and T-shirts.
After icing up the run in, competitors attempted to cross the pond one after the other.

Some sped across just like it was snow, while others went face first into the water.

Spectators lined the pond to see kids and adults alike dressed up in outrageous costumes attempt to cross the pond.
To go along with the pond skimming competition, Mount Bachelor was also on its second day of the BrewSki, an annual beer festival that brings the local Bend breweries up to Mount Bachelor on its closing weekend.

With plenty for both spectators, and competitors, Bachelor’s closing day went off without a hitch, despite the weather.