'If you can't see beyond a certain point, don't speed up'

'If you can't see beyond a certain point, don't speed up'

EUGENE, Ore. - Planning on getting to work on time Wednesday morning?

Good luck.

Forecasts call for dense fog to stick around through midday with a twist: freezing rain.

There are ways to arrive on time and in one piece.

Patrick Ezard, a mechanic at Kendall Honda, suggested getting out of bed a tiny bit earlier and defrosting your car.

"Make sure your antifreeze is up to date and not too old," Ezard said. "It can fail then and freeze and that can be expensive."

Check your tires and make sure you have adequate tread. Avoid using cruise control when icy conditions are present. And take it easy: last year, more than 2 dozen crashes in the Eugene area could have been avoided by drivers going slower in icy, foggy conditions, the Oregon Department of Transportation said.

"Reduce your speed, increase the distance between you and the car in front of you, go only as slow as you can see," said Rick Little from ODOT. "If you can't see beyond a certain point, for gosh sakes don't speed up."

And if you go so slow you stop, don't stop in the middle of a foggy road: make sure to pull to the side of the road, turn off your lights and turn on your emergency flashers.

"Wen you're driving in the fog, you actually can see farther if you have your low beams on," Little said. "When you have your high beams on, the fog self reflects the light back at you and you cant see as far."

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