'To be an ultimate fan, that's what you've got to do'

'To be an ultimate fan, that's what you've got to do'

ALBANY,Ore. - When the Ducks won the 2011 Civil War against the Beavers, 50-year-old James Hartzell knew just what to do.

"I put my yellow hair on, I painted my beard green. I'm an all out Duck fanatic!" said Hartzell.

But when the Ducks earned a trip to the Rose Bowl ...

"I wanted to get a tattoo for the Ducks," Hartzell said. "I've been a Ducks fan for years, and I decided to go with the Oregon 'O'."

That wasn't it.

"When we went to the Rose Bowl, I thought: no matter what happens I'm gonna get Roses put on there," said Hartzell.

So what if the Ducks had - gasp - lost?

"It wouldn't have mattered," Hartzell said. "I'd still have done it anyways to support my team."

He's not the only one claiming to be a forever fan.

"We've been doing a lot of variations on the 'O' and different things with the wings," said PermaGrafix Tattoos owner Chris 'K.C.' Whitaker.

But it's not just during football season that PermaGrafix sees sales for college sports tattoos skyrocket, it's year round.

"You can only get so many shirts and hats," Whitaker said. "The tattoo is the ultimate expression of the way you want to represent your team."

While some fans opt for temporary tattoos that will eventually wash off, Hartzell is inking his love for the Ducks permanently.

"If you're going to be an ultimate fan, that's what you've got to do," said Hartzell.

How will he top this permanent reminder?

"Well, when they win the national championship," Hartzell said, "maybe a giant national championship trophy tattooed on my leg or something."

This is Hartzell's fifth tattoo, his first one for the Oregon Ducks.

The fanaticism runs in the family: Hartzell's son, Dakota, got an Oregon "O", complete with Duck wings, inked across his back for his 18th birthday.