"If you're going to have an American flag, then take care of it"

"If you're going to have an American flag, then take care of it" »Play Video
Toby Gibbons told KPIC News on Thursday, that he was angry American flags attached to political signs were blown over and on the ground.

DOUGLAS COUNTY, Ore. -- The election may be over, but on Highway 42, the signs remain.

Some have been blown over by the wind, which probably wouldn't have been a big deal, had it not been what was attached to them.

Local resident Toby Gibbons told KPIC News that he was upset that the American flags had been blown over too. "All of the Art Robinson signs that were seen along the highway were blown down, and they all had American flags on them," Gibbons said.

Although the flags that had been blown over were picked up when KPIC News went to the area, Gibbons says it shouldn't have happened in the first place. "It's correct protocol, if you're going to have an American flag, then take care of it," he said. "It doesn't ever touch the ground.

While the flags were picked up by Thursday morning, some of the signs were still up. According to an Oregon administrative rule, election signs that can be seen from the highway must be taken down 60 days after they've been put up.

The Department of Transportation says it's up to the campaign to take down the signs.

KPIC News reached out to Art Robinson's campaign office, and they say they've picked up 95% of their campaign signs in District 4.

They say if there is a sign that needs special attention, residents should feel free to call their office.

Gibbons says he wants to see the signs taken down, before more American flags touched the ground. "It upsets me, I agree with most all his political views and I agree with his followers and supporters, but if you're going to keep his signage up, then you should take the responsibility to keep the sign up and take care of it.