'I’m probably not gonna put them back up: I'm a disabled guy'

'I’m probably not gonna put them back up: I'm a disabled guy'
Ken Hibdon takes down his Christmas decorations so his landlord can pressure wash the exterior.

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EUGENE, Ore. -- Christmas may be just a week away, but Ken Hibdon spent Wednesday taking down all of the holiday decorations adorning the front of his apartment. 

The retired vet received a letter from the property managers of the Jacobs Lane Apartments saying they were going to pressure wash the complex on December 18. The letter went on to say that all residents had to remove their belongings and decorations from outside the buildings before the cleaning.

Hibdon said a spinal injury would make it too painful for him to put his lights and inflatable snow globe back up before Christmas.

"I’m probably not gonna put them back up because it's just - I’m disabled guy, I just have a hard time getting up on a ladder and that kind of stuff,” said Hibdon.

He asked the property management company why they had to do the work right before Christmas. Hibdon said that Bennet Management Company, LLC replied insisting they do the work this week.

Hibdon said this was the first time they’ve asked him to take down his decorations early in his 15 years of living in the apartment complex.

“My family, we tend to be very traditional when it comes to the holidays,” said Hibdon. “We decorate for just about all of them, and its kind of sad to have to take them down.”

Having overheard his dilemma, the men contracted out to pressure wash the building told Hibdon they would help him by putting up the decorations once they were off the clock. 

"This is my first Christmas time doing it and I agree the timing is inopportune,” said Abijah Milner of George’s Detail Painting. “There are no other jobs, so to keep a small business going we got to do what we can when we can."