'I'm still surprised and just really glad no one's hurt'

'I'm still surprised and just really glad no one's hurt'
Wind damage in Salem, Ore., on March 12

SALEM, Ore. - Wet and windy weather blew through the Willamette Valley on Monday, knocking a tree a home in Eugene and dumping trees and branches on cars in Salem.

On Myers Street just outside of Saint Paul's Episcopal Church in Salem, a large tree fell on top of vehicles. No one was hurt but the damage was extensive - two cars were badly damaged and two others had minor damage.

"Unbelievable," said neighborhood resident Lethaniel Thomas. "I can't believe that huge of a tree with those roots could be uplifted by the wind. I'm originally from Texas, man, and we get tornadoes all the time. So I expect it there but not here in Salem."

"I was really quite shocked," said Mark Branch, the head sexton at the church. "We know they're large threes. They're 100 plus year old oaks and there's always a risk when it's windy, but I'm still surprised and just really glad no one's hurt."

City crews were there in the afternoon working to clear the tree.

There have been reports of a few other weather-related incidents up and down the valley due to high winds. If something has happened where you live, share your video, photos and story on KVAL.com so we can show them on KVAL 13 TV News.