Invasive species: 'The floating dock can be considered a wakeup call'

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Wakame kelp
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  • Wakame kelp
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  • Lithodid crab
Wakame kelp
Wakame kelp (Undaria pinnatifida) was attached to the Japanese floating dock that arrived In Newport, Oregon. This nonnative golden-brown seaweed from Asia has the potential to become established along the coast where it may spread quickly and become a fouling nuisance on docks, ship hulls, nets, fishing gear, moorings, ropes and other marine structures. In sheltered waters, the Wakame kelp can quickly form large beds that block out sunlight essential for the survival of native kelps, seaweeds,and other marine algae. Although the Wakame kelp is valued as a food item in its native range in Japan, it is included on the global list of 100 worst invasive species outside its natural habitat. ODFW photo.