Irish prove they are playoff ready with a 52-6 victory over Roseburg

Irish prove they are playoff ready with a 52-6 victory over Roseburg

EUGENE, Ore. -- The Sheldon Irish football team continued their undefeated streak with a 52-6 victory over the Roseburg Indians.

Saturday's game marked the second time that the Irish faced off against Roseburg this season.

For wide receiver Dylan Lewis, Friday night's win meant more than last week's near shut-out against the David Douglas Scots.

“We did a lot better. We played more Sheldon football, as our coach would say. We were more fiery and intense; and our sideline was in the game. That was the difference from last week.” Lewis said.

The Roseburg Indians punted on a turnover within the first few minutes. The Irish rebutted with a  touchdown pass from quarterback Taylor Alie to wide receiver Connor Strahm, putting the team up 7-0.

The Indians took over with 8:44 left in the first quarter, only to be forced to punt.

During the next Irish possession, Alie ran the ball to the 27-yard line. For the next two plays Alie made consecutive passes to Strahm for an 8-yard gain, and to wide receiver Ivan Faulhaber for the second touchdown of the night.

With just 3:43 left in the first quarter, the Irish were up 14-0.

The Indians, again, failed to answer Faulhaber’s touchdown with a score of their own, and were forced to punt. 

Receiver Strahm took Roseburg’s punt into Irish territory soon thereafter, only for it to be brought back on a holding penalty by the Irish.

There were a plethora of penalties during the Sheldon and Roseburg match up. Wide receiver Dylan Lewis, when speaking of the penalties, said, “We can’t. It’s going to lose us games down the road. We can’t keep doing that.”

At the start of the second quarter, after the penalty, quarterback Alie ran the ball on a keeper, to give the Irish the first down they were gunning for. The next play was a pass from quarterback Alie to receiver Faulhaber, who brought it in for another Irish touchdown, putting them up 20-0. During the PAT, another penalty – false start on the offense – set the Irish back five yards. However, the kick was still good, making the score 21-0. 

The Indians failed again to move the ball, with notable tackles for losses by Irish defensive lineman Chet Spears and defensive back Mitch Lewis. The Indians punted after Irish defensive lineman Brett Nielson’s tackle on 3rd down.

On the next play, quarterback Alie passed the ball to running back Yadie Dunmore, who had a notable run, only for it to be brought back on another penalty – personal foul – by the Irish.  Quarterback Alie then carried the ball for a 1st down, and was tackled by Roseburg’s Brendon Hopkins. Quarterback Alie soon passed the ball to receiver Strahm for another Irish touchdown, making the score 28-0, with 8:02 left in the first half.

In Roseburg’s next possession, the Irish stopped the Indians again, forcing them to punt. 

On the next Irish possession, quarterback Alie ran the ball down the sideline for an 82-yard touchdown run. However, the score was called back because of yet another penalty – block in the back. This brought Sheldon back to the 18-yard line.

Said quarterback Alie of the excessive amount of penalties: “That’s something that we need to fix, because those are going to bite us in the butt down the road. They’re just inexcusable. They’re just bone-head mistakes, and we just need to get rid of them.”

After a long pass to receiver Strahm, running back Mitch Lewis ran the ball in for another Irish touchdown. With 4:13 left in the half, the Irish were up by 35 points.

The Indians came up short once again during their next possession and punted to the Irish, who also failed to score again before the end of the 2nd quarter. 

To start the third quarter, a combined effort of a pass to receiver Strahm, Alie’s quarterback keepers, and hand-offs to running back Mitch Lewis geared the Irish up for their next touchdown. Running back Mitch Lewis racked up the next six points. The PAT was good. 

With the Irish up 42-0, the Roseburg Indians tried again to put points on the scoreboard. However, their bad luck continued, when Sheldon linebacker James Banks intercepted a Roseburg pass.

Quarterback Alie said,  “We came out and executed, I think, a lot better. We had a good practice, and it’s always fun to see those backups get in because they work hard during the week. It was good to see them play hard.”

With the ball in their own territory, the Irish capitalized on linebacker Banks’ interception with a score by running back Justin Bethea.

Behind 49-0, Roseburg geared up for their only touchdown on the night. Two 15-yard penalties by the Irish helped to bring Roseburg’s Levi Holden to the end-zone. The Indians missed the PAT, making the score 49-6.

In the fourth quarter, Roseburg was intercepted again, by Sheldon defensive back Gaje McDaniel. McDaniel’s interception set up the final score of the game, when the Irish kicked a field goal to put them up, 52-6.

With the victory over Roseburg, the Sheldon Irish advance to the Quarterfinals, their road to the championships inching closer each week. Next, the Irish will face the Southridge Skyhawks, who defeated Bill Smith and the Century Jaguars on November 16, 41-8. That game falls the day after Thanksgiving: Friday, November 23.