'It was kind of like a miracle that I made it'

'It was kind of like a miracle that I made it'

JUNCTION CITY, Ore. -- Ten-year-old Estifanos Gerdes was playing in his recreational league basketball game last weekend against another team of third and fourth graders from town.

The game was all tied up with just seconds left.

Gerdes and his coach -- who is also his dad -- had gone over what to do, and in those short moments, the miracle happened.

"I would have passed it if I thought we had time," said Gerdes. "But then we didn't, so I just shot it. And then the miracle happened."

Gerdes shot from half-court. And scored.

But could he do it again?

"No," said Gerdes. "If I tried, I could get close, but probably not make it."

But don't be mistaken, Gerdes certainly has moves on the court, and the now-famous half-court shot made this fourth grader plenty popular. Gerdes said he has had attention from teachers, family, and friends.

As for the video, Gerdes said one day, he will show the miracle basket to his NBA teammates.

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