'It's just a washed out, sludgy ashtray full of charred timbers'

'It's just a washed out, sludgy ashtray full of charred timbers'

EUGENE, Ore. - Police are investigating whether a fire that ripped through a Wilkie Street home on Thursday was intentionally set.

The smell of smoke still hung in the air Friday, a day after the blaze.

The homeowner, Adam Buxton-Nourse, said he was in Portland when he heard about the fire.

"It's just a washed out, sluggy ashtray full of charred timbers and bicycles covered in smoke grease, messed up pieces of a house," he said as he showed KVAL News around the wreckage. “I was quite upset. It’s my house. It’s a nice house. It’s always been at the back of my mind how fearful it would be for the place to catch fire.

"Apparently the fire originated in the front room, and I've heard that there was a second fire outside the house," he said. "It seems like two fires at once would be too much of a coincidence. Probably one fire led to the other fire."

Buxton-Nourse said he and a couple of roomates weren't there at the time because the electricity was turned off.

"I'm slightly behind on my mortgage payments, so I think the first order of the day for me is go and talk to the mortgage lady and see if my insurance is still up to date," he said.