Keep your distance from baby seals

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Seals near Florence, Ore. (Photo by KVAL YouNews reporter mommyof2)

COOS BAY, Ore.- They may be cute but people do more harm than good when getting close to baby seals.

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife is warning people to stay away from seals and sea lions.

Marine biologist warn that the baby sea lions are often just resting and should not be fed or approached by people.

"Basically what the young one is doing is taking a break, resting and warming up," said Stuart Love, a marine biologist with ODFW. "They don't know to be afraid of predators, so they are just going to lay there."

"Now at some later time the mother will come back, quite often the mothers will leave them for a long time period."

Love said that the mother will often leave the baby on the beach for as long as an entire day while she is out eating.

There's a risk she will abandon the pup if she sees a crowed of people around it.

If an animal appears injured or wounded you can call ODFW at (541) 888-5515.