King Estate Winery solar panels can power 100 homes

King Estate Winery solar panels can power 100 homes »Play Video

EUGENE, Ore. -- King Estate Winery has the largest solar facility at a winery in the Northwest with over 4,000 solar panels on four acres of land.

The solar panels produce enough electricity to power 100 homes in Lane County.

"Just how people in the past have developed new forms of energy, built bridges, built communities, we have an obligation to building the future like experiments like this," said Ed King of King Estate Winery.

King Estate used local installers from Oregon including SolarCity and Advanced Energy Systems.

King said parts of the panels came from all over the world including Germany and Asia.

Construction of the solar patch began last October, and the panels went live in March.

"We'd love to see home grown everything, but the reality is that solar will be a global market, and so what we want is the most solar efficient equipment we can get," said King.

King says their hope is to encourage others to develop sustainability practices, and be a role model for others.

"I think it's important that we experiment in the present to make life better in the future," said King.