Kitty Kat's big red barn has another life left in it

Kitty Kat's big red barn has another life left in it

TANGENT, Ore. - When John Bass of Tangent passed away in 1983, he left the big red barn on his property and $70,000 in maintenance funds to his cat, Kitty Kat.

"I believe this is a 3 acre estate here, and it was the barn and the house, and she owned everything," said Tangent resident Beth Timmons.  

Kitty Kat lived another 10 years with the help of a caretaker. The City of Tangent took over the property after Kitty died.

The maintenance fund had run out, and the residents voted down a tax levy to maintain the barn, built in 1922 by farmers Herbert and Jane Borden. Bass bought the land in 1946.

Just when it looked like Kitty Kat's barn had run out of lives, Timmons moved to town. She proposed moving it to her property, adding, "That's when we decided to move it and save it because it's a good time right now.  It's in good condition."

The City of Tangent said great: we'll sell you the barn for a buck, you pay to move it. 

Timmons wants to turn the old barn into a community center and agricultural museum. 

"We don't want this just the Timmons family taking care of the barn. This is a community treasure, and we want the community involved," explains Timmons.

Crews arrived Friday from Emmert International out of the Portland area to set up and get ready for the move. 

Sales manager Pat Brady told KVAL News they'll move the barn by putting it on special dollies.

"You're talking probably 6 to 7 hours as this barn moves at a high rate of speed of about 1 to 2 miles per hour," Brady said.

Windows have been carefully removed and labeled, although the bulk of the barn will be moved intact.  Beth Timmons won't reveal what the cost is for the seven tenths of a mile move but says it all worth it.  They are planning to move the barn on Oct. 7 in Tangent.

Tom Adams from KVAL News met with Timmons at the barn Friday. Watch KVAL News and for more on this story