LCC building evacuated, closed due to possible gas leak

LCC building evacuated, closed due to possible gas leak
Students stand outside Building 16

EUGENE, Ore. - Students evacuated a building on the Lane Community College campus Friday morning due to a possible natural gas leak.

The building reopened at 2 p.m. after the leak was repaired. Classes resumed as normal.

Lane Community College’s Dennis Carr said Friday is one of the busiest days on campus for classes. 

Carr estimates several hundred students were evacuated, and between 50 to 75 staff and faculty were impacted by the incident.  

Despite the inconvenience, the evacuation procedure went smoothly.
“You never want a natural gas leak to occur in a facility that has a lot of people in it.  But we believe it was handled as expeditiously and as safely as possible,” Carr said.

Students were escorted in and out of the building to gather their personal belongings.

After the initial evacuation, students told a reporter that they didn't smell anything.

That changed when they went back in to get their belongings: the building now smells horrible.

The situation started around 9:30 a.m., staff in Building 16 reported the smell of natural gas. The building houses math and science courses.

The school immediately called Goshen Rural Fire and Northwest Natural Gas, evacuating occupants of the building at approximately 9:40.

The gas to the complex is off while officials try to locate the source of the leak. It is believed to have originated in a clinical laboratory classroom.

Once the source of the leak is found, the facility will be flushed with fresh air.