Laid back at the Oregon Lavender Festival

Laid back at the Oregon Lavender Festival

McKENZIE RIVER, Ore. -- The Oregon Lavender Festival is a tour designed to highlight Oregon lavender growers, their blooms and the sunny Northwest countryside on Saturday and Sunday. McKenzie River Lavender, a farm just past Walterville on the McKenzie river, hosted one of the destinations devoted to the calming flower.

The Oregon Lavender Festival featured plenty of arts and crafts, activities and petting zoos all across the state of oregon, and of course dozens of types and  strains of lavender.The owner of McKenzie River Lavender said that while there was something for everyone at the festival, but for her farm the calming lavender plants were still the biggest attraction.

"It's the captivating aroma of lavender that brings on restfulness and peace and serenity." said Carol Tannenbaum of McKenzie River Lavender. "I think that's what draws people to it."

Visitors to the farm were invited to take walks through a lavender labyrinth constructed in the fields of McKenzie River Lavender, as well as harvest fresh plants from Tannenbaum's crops.

While lavender is not a native species to Oregon, it is becoming more popular for cultivation among growers because of its ability to adapt to the Oregon climate.