Lightbulb ban leaves buyers with 'the squiggly ones'

Lightbulb ban leaves buyers with 'the squiggly ones' »Play Video
Outlawed contraband

EUGENE, Ore. - Bill Richards bought dozens of lightbulbs Thursday.

"I hope that will last us for a while," he said. "I'm 80. I don't know how many you can buy."

Richards said he has used incandescent lightbulbs for as long as he's lived in Eugene. He and his wife moved here from New England in 1970.

"That was the only ones available it seemed like," Richards said, "and then you saw some of these uh, squiggly ones came on the market."

The "squiggly ones" - also known as compact florescent bulbs, or CFLs - offer light at lower wattages. Like LEDs, CFLs reduce the amount of electricity needed to light a home.

Neal Lindley at Batteries Plus Bulbs in Eugene said LEDs and CFLs also help with seasonal affective disorder during the dark months.

"This is a much brighter whiter light gives you a better color, rendering better detail," he said. "People just prefer that choice."

And if you don't prefer that choice? Too bad.

Both 40 and 60 watt incandescent bulbs are being phased out this year. The ban on their production went into effect January 1 - hence Richardson's stockpile.