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Downtown Eugene

EUGENE, Ore. - The pits are gone.

Kesey Plaza is surrounded by new restaurants and a downtown movie theater.

Hundreds of people are living in new apartment buildings.

Now has named downtown Eugene one of the Top 10 Best Downtowns for 2014.

“We started off in a hole, so to speak,” said Sarah Bennett, Chair of Downtown Eugene, Inc. “We’re getting there. But, again, we’ve got work to do."
Bennett calls the downtown, the living room of our community
“All segments of the community should be welcomed downtown,” says Bennett. “Not just certain parts of the population.”
“All the little things add up to an environment that’s very inviting and very comfortable,” says Walter Hunt, Owner of New Odyssey Juice & Java. explained its findings:

"For this list of downtowns, editors looked at data including improvement in retail and office vacancy rates, the number of people moving into the area, income growth, unemployment, the ratio of people who live and work in the downtowns, and the overall livability of the city. Considerable weight was given to population growth and the ratio of residents to jobs in a downtown area.

"An estimated 1,500 new residents have moved into downtown Eugene, Ore., during the last two years and discovered the wide array of restaurants, bars and entertainment venues setting a new vibe. More than 20 new businesses have opened in the downtown area since 2012, and developers have invested more than $200 million in construction projects. With the likes of the Whiteaker Fermentation District, which is full of craft brewing businesses, and the Fifth Street Public Market, a unique shopping destination, the city has quickly become a tourist destination."

The complete Top 10 is:

1. Fort Worth, TX
2. Providence, RI
3. Indianapolis, IN
4. Provo, UT
5. Alexandria, VA
6. Frederick, MD
7. Fort Lauderdale, FL
8. Bellingham, WA
9. Eugene, OR
10. Birmingham, AL