Local comedians bring their comedy to the airwaves

Local comedians bring their comedy to the airwaves »Play Video

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - When three local comedians get together, there are lots of laughs and countless jokes that make up good conversation.

Alex Elkin, Chris Warren, and Benjie Wright are all local comedians from the Eugene Springfield area.

The three comedians have been broadcasting live comedy at KNND in Cottage Grove for the last year, but now they are building a new radio station in Springfield.

"We got this wild idea in February of earlier this year that we wanted to own our own radio station," said Alex Elkin.

The new radio station, called 'All Comedy 1450', will broadcast with a live audience inside of Tom and Johnny's Bar in Springfield.

The crew is going to build their studio on the upper balcony that looks down at the bar, airing unscripted comedy on a variety of topics.

Being in radio, the comedians said they rarely get to hear the laughs of those listening in the audience.

"You really have a hard time figuring out if they are liking us until the phones blow up," Wright said.

Now the three comedians can hear those laughs as they create a first radio show of its kind in Eugene-Springfield.

"We want to create an interactive studio that you can walk in off the streets and be a part of the show," Wright said.

"Everybody takes themselves seriously," Elkin said. "People in Eugene need, everyone needs comedy. You've got a laugh button on your radio dial now."

The first show at Tom and Johnny's bar is expected to kick off in the next two weeks.

The show can be heard live from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. like on pirateradio.com.