'Birth to 3' becomes 'Parenting Now!'

'Birth to 3' becomes 'Parenting Now!' »Play Video

EUGENE, Ore. - Candice Hamilton and her 2-year-old son Ezion always have their weekly routine.

They are just two of thousands of parents and kids who come to Parenting Now! to find parenting support.

"We first brought him here when he was six weeks old," said Hamilton. "It's just kinda neat to be able to talk with other moms about the same kind of things you're going through."

Up until now, the organization has run under the name "Birth to Three." But on Monday, their name officially changed to "Parenting Now!"

"After two years of really careful planning and working with a strategic plan, we decided that we need a name that reflects who we are now," said executive director and co-founder Minalee Saks.

Saks said the name of the program wasn't really reflecting all the clients they serve.

"What we realized in the past number of years is that we really work with parents who have children to eight years old," she said. "So the name doesn't describe the programs that we have for parents."

The organization, which began in 1978, provides clients with parenting support and classes on everything from nursing to stress relief.

"No matter the age or economic level or just kind of program, we have a lot to offer parents," said Saks. "Parenting Now! came to us and it just sounded right, it made sense."

She said the name may have changed, but the service is the same.

"We're still the same program, we have the same values, we have the same mission. The name just better describes the work that we're doing."