Meet the first 2013 baby born at Sacred Heart

Meet the first 2013 baby born at Sacred Heart

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. -- Sacred Heart Medical Center at Riverbend delivered its first baby of the New Year early Tuesday morning.

Proud parents, Juan Guzman and Rita Beltran, welcomed their baby girl Leanna Guzman into the world just two hours after ringing in the New Year.

They said that their little bundle was due December 31st, and were surprised to find out that Leanna was the first baby born at the hospital in the new year.

“I didn't really believe it. It's kind of strange and weird to think that she's actually the first one, especially because she was born at 2,” Rita said, cradling her newborn baby.

“Her mom was like, ‘yeah she's the first one!’,” Juan chimed in.

Leanna’s older brother, Miguel is also pretty excited about his little sister’s local title as the first birth of 2013.

The parents said that Leanna is off to a very healthy start, weighing in at eight pounds, seven ounces.