Military school plans to detain peacocks in wire cage

Military school plans to detain peacocks in wire cage

GOSHEN, Ore. - The unwelcome intruders will get locked in the brig at a military school here until they can be relocated.

Willamette Leadership Academy built a wire cage to hold peacocks causing problems on the campus until the birds can be given away to new homes.

The birds have been covering the campus outdoor pathways with excrement - not exactly the ideal substance to drop and do 20 pushups.

The school hopes to capture the peacocks and give them away.

But what will it take to have a pet peacock?

Richard Yarbrough raises turkeys. He said peacocks are similar birds, and they need plenty of space to roam.

"My idea of an enclosure would be 6-foot tall, 20 foot square," he said.

Neighbor Emily Bowman feeds the peacocks and has opposed the school's plans. She wants the birds to stay together, and she said she has plenty of room in her front yard.

"I've already got the chicken yard," she said. "I need bird netting."

Not to mention the money and labor to put it all together.

So she hopes the school will change their mind, but she's not optimistic.

"They're going to do what they're gonna do."