Obama fans at UO: 'I think we're pretty stoked'

Obama fans at UO: 'I think we're pretty stoked'

EUGENE, Ore. - All eyes were glued to TVs and computers Tuesday night at the University of Oregon election watch party.

The celebrations started quickly after President Obama was announced the projected winner of the presidential race.

"Everyone's happy, everyone's cheering and I don't know, I think we're pretty stoked and we're going to be sleeping pretty soundly tonight," said Obama supporter Joyanna Devos.

"Just all he stands for means so much to me and it's just so awesome to be here and get reelected," said Casey Edwards.

On the other side of campus, feelings were mixed on the president's win and the next four years.

"I don't think they'll be terrible, but I wish for a different result," said Romney supporter Donna Cahill. "But I mean what can you do, everyone votes, everyone has their opinion and everyone, it's what's best for the country, you know?"

Campaign watchers call this a status quo election: the presidency and control of the House and Senate remain unchanged from two years ago.

"I am pretty happy because I think not having all this kind of turnover right now is going to be working for the economy," said Obama supporter Daniel Smith. "I think we kind of need the consistency."